Electric heating has advanced hugely in the last few years with the development of new products that may change the way we think about electric heating forever. Gone are the clunky beige and brown night stores of last century that were too hot in the morning and too cold by the end of the day.

Beware of swapping out your old night storage heaters for the currently heavily miss-sold ‘High Efficiency German Clay Core Panel Heaters’. The conversion of electricity to heat is a ratio of 1:1, ie 100% in all resistive heating elements. The reality is that moving off your economy 7 to daytime rates will cost you vastly more for the same amount of heat.

We are energy specialists not just installation electricians so please speak to us about your heating needs.

  • High Output Storage such as the Dimplex Quantum range, being vastly more controllable than their predecessors.
  • Far Infra-Red Heating panels. This technology heats objects, rather than the air around them and can be disguised as mirrors, framed panels or even custom printed artwork.